What We Do

We are general contractors providing complete job including, Civil structure, Finishing, infra-structure, and Electro mechanical installations.

Our major divisions are
Civil Division
MEP Division

CIVIL Division

This division has expertise in all type of civil construction, FUTURE MEMAR provides turnkey project solutions for different buildings including skeleton structure and interior finishing. Out strength is to provide client state of the art construction by using latest technologies and practices which includes the following main sectors:

– Office buildings
– Industry buildings.
– Residential buildings & villas
– Community buildings

FUTURE MEMAR is highly skilled service provider, with equal strength in all MEP disciplines (mechanical electrical &pluming). We have provided electrical, mechanical, fire engineering with deep knowledge of IT sector requirements.
Major areas include:

-Heating, Air Conditioning and ventilation
-Fire fighting
-Plumbing, sanitary and sewage
-Electric installation (power & light)
-Light current applications:
(Computer networks/ Fire alarm/ Security solutions/ CCTV/ IP based solutions)


We at FUTURE MEMAR are pleased to accept the role of Project managers for your development. Our experienced staff is able to manage the design teams on your behalf to ensure that your development is completed to the requirements you specify.
The project management process commences with the design brief and progresses through design development, costing, planning and value engineering. We provide monthly updates on progress, scheduling and cost continually working with architects and engineers throughout the whole process to ensure that the end product meets your expectations.
We provide services to

Real Estate Development Projects
Building Construction Projects


Working as Construction managers, we’ll take your development from the cost planning phase through to completion for a negotiated percentage or final fee.
We will work with your or our selected design team, prepare bid packages and evaluate the submitted proposals. We will package contractors, document and supervise the work through to completion.
FUTURE MEMAR Construction Management provides:

– Construction advice
– Design management
– Control of the construction site


Scheduling and planning is a long-term development, focusing on the strategic future for your project and its effects on your organization rather than the day-to-day challenges.
Planning and scheduling services help you look to these future needs by: Determining your requirements / Benchmarking against industry standards / Acceptance from all stakeholders

Scheduling includes
– Development of bid Schedule
– Development of Master Schedule
– Resource Schedule
– Procurement Schedule
– Implementation of Schedule
– Progress updating
– Monitoring and Control
– Reporting
– Closing and Analysis